We stock a wide variety of frames and accessories for all categories of clients. We stock designer frames and sunglasses. We offer top of the range products for Company Executives and our high end clients.

Our drug stock is obtained directly from distributors and we prescribe the best brands in any drug type. Our prices are competitive with those pharmaceutical outlets.

We stock all different types of lenses available in the Optical industry. These include white plastic, polycarbonate plastic, photochromic glass, transition (photochromic) plastic, anti-reflective coated lenses, anti-scratch coated lenses and ordinary plain and tinted plastic lenses.

These lenses are available in single vision, Bifocals and Varifocal (multifocal) lenses. We also dispense Contact lenses in all types; Daily-wear, Disposables, Extended-wear, in plain and coloured brands.


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