We care but God heals

We are a very modern dynamic Eye Clinic whose motto is" Quality and Service" .

We have been in practice since January 1997. We keep in touch with current advancements, trends and tecnologies in Eye- care delivery and as a result , we are constantly improving on our technigues and standard of practice.

...let's walk through the clinic before you arrive......... 


The Clinic

We have a team of professional and competent staff who work to provide complete and excellent service to all patients and clients at all times. 

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The Clinic is well equipped to investigate all forms of eye defects, treat all Ocular emergencies and diseases. 
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  • Why Test your Eyes?
  • Don't wait until it's too late
  • HMOs Affiliated with us:

  • THT Liberty blue
  • Hygeia HMO
  • WellPro
  • Axa Mansard
  • Wellness HMO
  • Health Partners
  • Health Care International
  • Red care

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  • Free Vision & Glaucoma Screening May 11th - Oct. 31st, 2015

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